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April 2018 President’s Message by Sabrina Kidwai

April 14, 2018

Dear PRSA-NCC members:

As we spring toward May, I reflect back on graduating from Missouri. For our commencement speaker, we had Major Garrett talk about his career and what he learned from the journalism program. He discussed perseverance in applying for his first job and lessons learned throughout his career.

When Major was searching for his first job, he submitted more than 150 applications before he got his first offer. He stressed how important it was for us to keep trying and never give up. Throughout his career, he looked at every job as an opportunity to learn about the profession as well as about himself.

When I think back on my career, I’ve learned something from every job, boss, and leadership role. Here are a few things that resonate with me the most.

-Always admit when you make a mistake. Bosses and your colleagues appreciate the honesty. It’s important for you to give feedback on what happened and what you will do differently moving forward.

-When people provide feedback about your work, don’t take it personally. There are moments when I do, but it’s important to remember they are trying to help you grow professionally.

-Always listen to your gut. I’ve been in job interviews, and my intuition told me to walk away. Looking back, it was always the right decision.

-When you are a manager, it’s important to set expectations upfront, discuss your leadership styles, and understand how that person works and learns. That information is so valuable in a working, productive relationship.

-From a leadership perspective, always give credit to those who do the work, let people lead and make mistakes, and create a culture of trust.

As we navigate life and our career, it’s critical to have a great circle of people around you that you trust. Being involved with PRSA and the board, I have a terrific group of communicators that I can reach out to on a regular basis. They are always honest and provide great advice.

In looking back at your career, what lessons have you learned?

Sabrina Kidwai