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Diamond Award Winners

Established in 1997 in recognition of outstanding service to the Chapter, whether for one year's extraordinary contribution or cumulative work – the Chapter's most valuable player. 

2014: Lauren Lawson-Zilai
2013: Pam Mooring, APR
2012: Jeff Ghannam
2011: Susan Apgood
2010: Ivonne Couret and Michael C. Sheward, APR
2009: Shannon Joyce
2008: Robert Udowitz
2007: Robert Udowitz
2006: Paul Hanley
2005: Tracy A. Schario
2004: J. Scott Punk, APR
2003: Robert V. Bryant, APR
2002: Amy J. Hurd, APR
2001: William Outlaw
2000: Mike Rothenberg, APR
1999: Henry H. Chamberlain, APR, CAE
1998: Alan Goldstein
1997: John Nash, APR

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