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May 2018 President’s Message by Sabrina Kidwai

May 11, 2018

Dear PRSA-NCC members:

At the end of April we had an event for students and young professionals called PR Day. We provided time at the beginning of the event and at the end for students to get their resumes reviewed and take headshots. We had a terrific speaker, Lisa Osborne Ross, who is the heads up the Edelman Office in D.C. We also had a panel of PR professionals who talked about how they got involved in PR.

As I reflected back on Lisa’s remarks, one of the things that resonated the most was her discussion about the Four Agreements book. The four agreements are: don’t make assumptions; don’t take things personally; be impeccable with your word; and always do your best.

The agreement that I follow the most is be impeccable with your word. I’m a true believer of always following through with your commitment. There are times when I over commit, but I power through because I promised that I would do it.

Another thing Lisa mentioned is the importance of forgiving. When I make a mistake, I’m sometimes hard on myself, which I’m trying to improve upon. I sometimes struggle with forgiving others. It’s critical to forgive because it’s not healthy. After her talk, I’m really going to try and focus more on forgiving myself and others.

In looking at the four agreements, which one do you struggle with the most? For me, it’s don’t take things personally.

The event turned out great, and I can’t wait to do it again! Speaking of events and celebrations, we are celebrating 50 years of Thoth on October 18 at the National Press Club. Applications for Thoth Awards are open and deadline is July 23.

Have a great May!


Sabrina Kidwai
RSA-NCC President