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Accreditation Power Play—Get Into the Game

April is National Accreditation Month
April 4, 2013

How do you stay on top of your game in a prolific profession like public relations? Pursuing the designations of Accredited in Public Relations (APR) or Accreditation in Public Relations + Military Communication (APR+M) may be just the game changers to help you reach your career goals.

April is Accreditation Month. Learning how to get into the game and become an APR or APR+M is well within reach for many PR professionals of varying experience levels and areas of focus. In fact, accreditation helps to level set the diverse PR playing field.

If you’re looking to tackle APR or APR+M, PRSA National Capital Chapter (NCC) and PRSA National provide many resources to help you score success. For example, PRSA- NCC offers potential candidates the highly popular APR and APR+M Jump Start, an accreditation preparatory course led by local APRs and APR+
Ms. It distinguishes the difference between the APR and APR+M certifications. If you’re a rookie to the process, APR measures a PR practitioner’s knowledge, skills and abilities required to practice public relations effectively. While APR+M is for individuals who meet all the qualifications of APR, plus master a course of study surrounding military public affairs in joint operations.

In addition, PRSA-NCC “coaches” accreditation candidates, who are chapter members, by providing moral support throughout the entire process with access to APR mentors and study groups with fellow chapter candidates. If candidates prefer to learn about APR and APR+M at their own pace, PRSA National offers a collection of accreditation webinars on-demand and an annual accreditation boot camp. If Web-based learning suits your busy schedule, the Universal Board of Accreditation (UAB) also conducts an online accreditation study course available live or on-demand.

Here are a few upcoming PRSA-NCC and National accreditation events to help you get the ball rolling:

Be sure to add PRSA’s Accreditation Web page to your playbook in pursuit of accreditation. Whether you want to affirm your communications knowledge or distinguish yourself as a trusted public relations advisor, these resources will assist you in reaching your accreditation goal.