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The Mentoring Project matches seasoned public relations professionals with less experienced PR practitioners and students for guidance in handling issues such as career development and best practices. 

What We Do

We invite experienced PR pros who are members of the National Capital Chapter to make themselves available as mentors by completing a Mentor Profile form at and submitting it.  They will be matched with an appropriate less-experienced PR practitioner or student on request, who can apply by completing the form.  Every effort is made to appropriately match PR pros with younger practitioners and students, based on common interest. 

Who We Are Looking For

We are looking for public relations practitioners with 10 or more years of experience in a variety of areas of PR practice, and PR practitioners and students with 10 or fewer years of experience who would like a more seasoned practitioner to help with professional issues such as career development and responsible PR practice. 

Benefits of Committee Membership

The mentor-protégé relationship is often a mutually beneficial one, filling needs of both the mentor and protégé.  Mentors have the feeling of gratification at helping out someone who--like them--needed someone to guide them early in their career, and PR "newbies" and students receive help to guide them on their career path, thus raising the level of practice of the public relations industry. 


How to Join the Committee

Contact the commitee chair:
Sultana Ali, APR,