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Double Your Media Placements with Two NEW PRSA-NCC Workshops Featuring Michael Smart

Presented by the PRSA-NCC Professional Development Committee
June 9, 2017 - 8:30am to 4:00pm

Online registration is now closed for this event.  Space will be available at teh door.

Michael Smart is back with his NEW Crafting the Perfect Pitch workshop together with a workshop called Placements Without Pitching … both on the same day!

Workshop 1: Placements Without Pitching
Morning Registration (8:00-8:30 AM)
Workshop 1: (8:30-noon)

Lunch Break (on your own from noon-1:00 PM)

Workshop 2: Crafting the Perfect Pitch
Afternoon Registration (12:30-1:00 PM) – for those who are not attending both workshops
Workshop 2: (1:00-4:30 PM)

The 2016 election highlighted the dramatic disruptions in the media landscape. The influencers and outlets that your audiences trust have changed significantly. Are you keeping up?

At the same time, the pressures and opportunities facing the journalists, social media editors and bloggers you’re targeting have changed, too. And while they are increasingly time-starved and distracted, a few savvy PR pros are changing with the times to earn more than their share of coverage by HELPING these crucial influencers adapt.

That’s why this special seminar offered jointly by PRSA-NCC and MichaelSmartPR is such a great opportunity for you, even if you’ve attended in the past.

Michael Smart teaches teams at organizations such as General Motors, St. Jude Children’s Hospital and the U.S. Department of Labor how to adapt their media relations ahead of rapid change. He also delivers seminars in major cities that attract participants from as far away as Jakarta and Mexico City.  

As part of our efforts to bring national-caliber speakers to our area, we’ve been fortunate to bring Michael to you every summer for the past five years. He gets rave reviews each time.

This year, he has overhauled his material. More word-for-word examples of winning pitches. More tips and tricks. More practical applications to the stories, issues and experts you’re working on promoting TODAY.

And he’s even willing to deliver his program at a deep discount.

Michael’s workshops here often sell out, so register now to make sure you get a spot.

Two workshops – Placements Without Pitching in the morning, and Crafting the Perfect Pitch in the afternoon. You can attend one, or stay all day to learn from both and take advantage of additional savings. For your information, the morning session provides an important foundation for the afternoon pitching boot camp.

George Washington University
The Elliott School of International Affairs (Room B12)
1957 E Street, NW
Washington, DC 20052
Metro:  Farragut West, Foggy Bottom, and Farragut North

WORKSHOP 1 (morning) – Placements Without Pitching: How to Earn Relationships with the Media Who Matter Most to You

“The last election shows there is no longer any such thing as the ‘national media,’” says Michael. “Every outlet serves (and is trusted by) only a segment of the population. Trust is the new reach.

With the proliferation of new digital-only news sites, it can be difficult to keep up. What if your audiences are turning to sources you aren’t familiar with? How can you tell the valuable and trusted outlets apart from the rest? Especially when what matters to one audience is ignored (or doubted) by another? And what about non-journalists who are trusted by your audiences? How can you persuade THEM to share your content?

All while it seems harder than ever to even get a mere RESPONSE to an email?

Michael will show you how to take advantage all these changes in the media and digital landscape. In his upcoming seminar on building relationships with the media and influencers who matter most, he’ll teach:

  • The eight types of third-party influencers, half of which you’re probably ignoring at your own peril
  • Free online tools to determine the channels and outlets that matter most to your key audiences
  • A step-by-step, repeatable process to get noticed by journalists/influencers at those outlets
  • How social media can be used – and abused – in relationship building
  • The sources journalists are REALLY looking for in today’s 24-minute news cycle
  • Dozens of successful examples of how PR pros just like you used these tips and tools to get responses and even eetings with journalists at outlets like The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and top bloggers in their niches

WORKSHOP 2 (afternoon) - Crafting the Perfect Pitch: The New Rules Required to Double Your Media Placements

This newly overhauled version of Michael’s most popular workshop offers hundreds of intensely practical tips that will instantly boost your media and blog coverage. Join the people Michael has trained who, just in the last 12 months, have landed coverage in the NYT, WSJ, Fast Company, USA Today, and the top trade outlets and blogs in their markets.

You’ll break down pitches that failed, and why, and then compare those with dozens of winners. Don’t come if you’re expecting to sit back and listen to a lecture. You’ll be actively engaged with Michael’s examples and applying what you’re learning to your own ideas.

Michael will share:

  • The (sometimes) shocking new ways to tap online metrics to grab journalists’ attention
  • A strategy to bend time – how to meet journalists’ demands for customization within your own time constraints
  • How to nail your customized pitches without sucking up or veering into stalker-land
  • Trimming the fat – how to achieve more by writing less
  • Conquering the inbox; secrets of winning subject lines; follow-up that works; the triggers you can pull to jar otherwise disengaged journalists to action
  • The stuff that used to annoy or even offend media that’s now welcomed by them

Feedback from last year’s participants:

Best workshop I've attended. Michael's tips and techniques can easily be applied and the content was very engaging.

I realized why I wasn't able to get responses from pitches. Great workshop and content about journalists take on pitches.

Michael challenged a lot of advice I've received. I can't wait to put these ideas into action.

Best PRSA workshop so far. Very clear material with good tips, examples and action items.

This session was extremely informative. I've learned valuable tips that I'm actually excited about trying.

Content was very relevant and delivery was very catchy and entertaining while learning valuable info. Ranks in my top 5 Professional Development experience.

One of the best workshops I've taken. I loved all the real life examples.

A lot of seminars on pitching, etc, are hard to apply to ourselves. This was much easier to apply to our daily work and I'm getting excited to apply what I learned.

This was an excellent seminar. Loved the examples as they were very helpful.

Very interactive and engaging, especially enjoyed real world examples and sample pitches.

Just about as good as it gets for Professional Development.

Michael is an engaging presenter with great tips. He's great at breaking down common practices to really make you think about how a reporter would want info.

Great workshop. Interesting content to make PR pros think outside the box, but also to inspire ideas about what makes the box newsworthy.

Workshop 1 (morning) -- $175 for PRSA and WWPR members, $75 for students and retirees, and $220 for nonmembers

Workshop 2 (afternoon) -- $175 for PRSA and WWPR members, $75 for students and retirees, and $220 for nonmembers

Both Workshops -- $300 for NCC, PRSA and WWPR members, $125 for students and retirees, and $375 for nonmembers

$10 more at the door. (space permitting)

(Michael’s daylong workshops for PRSA National typically sell for $615 for PRSA members and $715 for non-members.  Take advantage of this special pricing only for the National Capital Chapter.)

About Michael:  

Michael Smart is an independent communications trainer who helps PR pros improve their pitching success rate and enhance their PR writing.  He is regularly among the highest-rated speakers at the industry’s largest conferences.

Michael has placed positive stories on the front pages of the Washington Post, USA Today and Los Angeles Times, as well as placements in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Time magazine, and NBC’s Today show. He has trained more than 8,000 PR professionals how to boost their communications results. People who have participated in his workshops have subsequently placed their own stories in the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, USA Today, People, CNN, Today and national distribution on the Associated Press.

He has conducted on-site training for clients from Frankfurt to Tokyo and ongoing coaching and services to many more, from Fortune 10 companies to mid-sized and smaller firms. He has extensive experience with government agencies, associations, think-tanks, and non-profits.