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July 2017 President’s Message by Laura Bynum

July 11, 2017

Dear PRSA-NCC Members:

For the past six months I have very much enjoyed being the PRSA-NCC president. As a result of my husband’s job, my family is relocating to Orlando, Florida, and I am ending my presidency of the chapter effective at the end of June. I will be looking to work with the PRSA Orlando Chapter leaders.

This means that Sabrina Kidwai, the current president-elect, will jump into the presidency for the remainder of this year. She will also serve her year as president in 2018, per the chapter by-laws.  Sabrina has been the president-elect since January, and she has been included on all leadership decisions and board issues that affect the chapter as part of the president/president-elect positions, and she will make an excellent chapter president as she takes over the position.

The board this year has been working hard to implement several new processes, including electronic submission of Thoth entries as well as other revenue and pricing increases, which will keep the chapter operating smoothly in its mission to provide education and networking opportunities for PR professionals in the DC area. They are to be commended, and I look forward to hearing how their work progresses this year!

The committee members also have been working hard to implement their chapter events and activities, and I have full confidence that they will continue with their leadership and ideas to complete the year’s activities on a high note! Thanks to them for their hard work, your bold steps in the direction of needed change, and your example in leading the community. You really make a difference!

Please know that I’m available if needed to respond, research, or comment, although I’ll be in Orlando. I am going to work remotely in my current position through September 1. You can contact me on my personal email at lnbynum@icloud.com.

Thank you all for your work for the chapter. I have no doubt this year will finish strong with your fantastic volunteer efforts!

Best always,

Laura Bynum, M.A.