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Michael Smart Workshop: Pitching Secrets of a Media Relations Master

June 27, 2018 - 8:00am to 4:30pm

Online registration is now closed for tis event.

Discover How to Craft the Perfect Pitch and Get Placements Without Pitching

Michael Smart is back, continuing our annual tradition of hosting the nation’s leading media relations coach as he presents his most popular workshop, designed to help PR pros achieve superior results in today’s quickly changing media landscape.

Agenda at a Glance:

  • Morning Registration (8:00-8:30 AM)
  • Workshop 1: (8:30-noon)
  • Lunch Break (on your own from noon-1:00 PM)
  • Afternoon Registration (12:30-1:00 PM) – for those who are not attending both workshops
  • Workshop 2: (1:00-4:30 PM)

Workshop 1: Placements Without Pitching – Building Media Relationships
This portion will focus on laying the foundation required for superior pitching success. You’ll discover Michael’s unique approach to building a strong network of journalists and other influencers who know, like and TRUST you.

He will give you a step-by-step process for connecting with contacts who might trust a specific source one day only to doubt that source the next. And he’ll expand your thinking to build your network of contacts well beyond the world of journalists – to focus on creative and innovative opportunities for reaching your audience that most PR pros miss.

  • How to open your eyes to the full spectrum of third-party influencers (there are 8 different types), that represent BIG opportunities – you’re likely overlooking at least three of them
  • How to conduct “audience intelligence” using a suite of online tools designed to show you which channels and outlets are most important (and trusted!) by the people you are trying to reach.
  • How to get noticed without annoying anyone. You’ll get a step-by-step process for getting on the radar of journalists and influencers and starting relationships the SMART way.
  • The counterintuitive way for using social media to BUILD relationships. Most PR pros’ attempts at doing this cause more harm than good!

Workshop 2: Crafting the Perfect Pitch – Boost Your Placements With Proven Formulas for Success

PR pros who get more and better placements tend to have very different careers compared to those who never “crack the code” for successful pitching. These PR pros earn industry wide respect for their work and enjoy more opportunities for career advancement.

The strategies you learn in this day of the workshop have been used by previous attendees to get coverage in top tier national media such as the front page of The New York Times, in The Wall Street Journal and USA Today, and on CNN and NBC’s “Today.”

You’ll hone your skills by learning from DOZENS of successful pitches that have landed major placements. And you’ll begin applying what you’re learning immediately during the training.

  • How to spot the best opportunities for big results in an industry that is changing by the MINUTE.
  • The anatomy of a perfect pitch and the three core components you must have to succeed.
  • How to use the PR “Crystal Ball” to predict what the media will want to cover before they even know themselves! (Plus… how to turn even BORING topics into something newsworthy!)
  • The 80/20 email pitching secret. You’ll discover how to sharpen your skills for superior results without doing a ton of work.
  • “Covert intelligence” (Michael got it directly from top-tier journalists) about how to get noticed. If you want effective ways to get their attention, here’s where you’ll find them!
  • Understanding the “journalist’s great need that shall not be named” and leveraging that understanding to boost your pitching results. (It sounds mysterious, and it’s extremely powerful. Please do not abuse it once you learn it.)
  • Straight talk about the sources journalists are REALLY looking for in today’s 24-minute news cycle.
  • Real-world, “from the trenches” examples of how PR pros have put this unique approach to relationship building to work to get responses and even meetings with journalists at outlets like the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and top bloggers in their niches.

While average PR pros are finding it more difficult to get emails opened and to earn attention from journalists and influencers, this event will put you on a path towards creating superior results in PR with far less work.

If you aren’t experiencing the success you want with your pitching and network of contacts, enroll today!

Although best results follow from attending the full day, you can register for only the morning or afternoon.


Workshop 1 (morning)
• $155 National Capital Chapter (NCC) Members
• $175 PRSA and WWPR members
• $220 Non-members
• $75 Students/Retirees

Workshop 2 (afternoon)
• $155 National Capital Chapter (NCC) Members
• $175 PRSA and WWPR members
• $220 Non-members
• $75 Students/Retirees

Both Workshops
• $265 National Capital Chapter (NCC) Members
• $295 PRSA and WWPR members
• $345 Non-members
• $140 Students/Retirees

$10 more at the door. (space permitting)

School of Media and Public Affairs
George Washington University
805 21st Street, NW, Room 309
Washington, DC 20052

Testimonials from last year’s attendees:

I attended both of your workshops in D.C. last Friday and it looks like the knowledge is already paying off. Here's an e-mail I received this morning from an editor I pitched Monday afternoon: “Thanks Adam, this is the best pitch I’ve received. Ever, actually.”
-Adam Yosim, Stanton Communications

In all honesty, this is the best, most useful workshop I've ever
gone to and/or engaged with in the five years I've been doing PR in the DC area.

-Ryan Shucard, 720 Strategies

Great. One of the best I've attended in over a decade. Thank you.
-Lesley Ward, CAQH

The information here is so inspiring. Seeing the successes and tying them to the different techniques is proof that they work. It was encouraging to and hopeful that we can be seen in a crowded space.
- Claire Mountfort, Mt. Vernon PR & Comms

Incredible content. I came for a better understanding of what to expect from my PR firm, but got incredible guidance for my own internal effects and relationship building. This is the best professional development course I've taken.
- David Jolley, Salvation Army national headquarters

Awesome. Michael provided practical, straightforward info that I could do on my own. He was candid and answered my questions using real world expertise. The presentations were easy to follow. I will tell my team and recommend we all attend.
- Dijon Rolle, Minority Business Development Agency

Thank you, Michael. I needed this extra push to improve and elevate my media relationship skills to expand my career. This ranks a ten in my professional development. Can't wait to share.
-Rashida McCoy, Kivvit

Thank you so much, I feel energized to apply this and hope to gain more confidence in pitching and my media relationships.
- Daniella Burgos, Scott Circle

Michael is engaging, inspiring, and well-researched. I look forward to reading/hearing/seeing more of his stuff.
-Patrick Fernandez, Booz Allen Hamilton

Loved it. Very engaging and the examples were extremely helpful.
- Ruth McBain, Environics Communications

About Michael:

Michael Smart is an independent communications trainer who helps PR pros improve their pitching success rate and enhance their PR writing. He is regularly among the highest-rated speakers at the industry’s largest conferences.
Michael has placed positive stories on the front pages of the Washington Post, USA Today and Los Angeles Times, as well as placements in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Time magazine, and NBC’s Today show. He has trained more than 8,000 PR professionals how to boost their communications results. People who have participated in his workshops have subsequently placed their own stories in the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, USA Today, People, CNN, Today and national distribution on the Associated Press.
He has conducted on-site training for clients from Frankfurt to Tokyo and ongoing coaching and services to many more, from Fortune 10 companies to mid-sized and smaller firms. He has extensive experience with government agencies, associations, think-tanks, and non-profits.