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NCC Bi-Annual Membership Survey Results Are In

Chapter Receives “Very Satisfied” or “Satisfied” Rating from 71%

Every two years, the NCC conducts a survey of its members to probe for input on a variety of topics and to measure satisfaction with chapter services. This past fall, we conducted this bi-annual survey with the help of member Alice Irvin, APR of AIRvan Consulting, LLC, a Virginia-based research firm. AIRvan completed this survey for us at no cost, and we are very grateful for their assistance and support of the chapter.

A total of 1,167 PRSA-NCC members were sent email survey invitations. Two-hundred, twenty-eight PRSA-NCC members participated in the survey, representing a response rate of 14 percent, which is one of the highest response rates we have ever received.  It’s important to note, however, that this was not a random sample, and the margin of error is nearly 7 percent. This means that the results cannot be compared to previous years’ surveys, and, the results are not representative of all members. That said, we believe the input is quite valuable and we plan to incorporate the feedback into our planning for the next two years.

Some key findings from the 2012 survey were that close to three-fourths of PRSA-NCC members gave a top two box (very satisfied or satisfied) rating with PRSA-NCC. The service with the highest satisfaction rating was emails and postal mailings informing members about meetings and programs. Therefore, we will continue our practice of emailing members once per week and mailing out fliers, generally once per month.

When asked what kind of programs members are interested in, the topics with the highest ratings were:

  • content management
  • transferring info from traditional media to the digital
  • using digital media measurement
  • video as a vital PR tactic

It was found that age influenced what types of programs were valuable, so the chapter must continue to offer programming that meets the diverse needs of each member throughout the arc of their career. We do this with the 20+ LeaderPack programs and the IPRA programs which are aimed at the professionals with more than 20 years of experience, and the PRONet events and programs geared towards the younger professionals. The monthly professional development events and quarterly half-day programs are carefully constructed to meet the needs of the widest audience possible.

In terms of meeting location and time of day, downtown DC continues to be the first choice for a meeting location for 56 percent of members (32 percent put Northern Virginia as their first choice) and weekday morning is listed as the first choice for meeting time by 44 percent of members while evenings and lunches were nearly tied for second, with 30 percent and 27 percent respectively. To meet these different needs, the chapter is planning to vary its timing and location for events throughout the year. Many more events will be offered in Northern Virginia this year, as well as more lunch and evening offerings.

The typical monthly events schedule is as follows:

  • The first Thursday offers a lunch time, Northern Virginia event for senior practitioners through IPRA.
  • The third Wednesday is the morning monthly professional development event at the US Navy Memorial building downtown.
  • The fourth week will generally offer a professional development or networking events for young professionals via the PRONet Committee.

Members are encouraged to check out the events page of the website for the latest calendar of events, or be sure to open the weekly events email delivered straight to your email in box.

A PDF of the survey and results is available. Though we only survey once every two years, member feedback is always welcome and appreciated. Members are encouraged to send their ideas and thoughts to any of the Board members listed at the website, or to the president directly at samantha [at]