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Kelsey Pospisil

Client & Media Relations Associate
News Generation, Inc.
Kelsey Pospisil

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Why did you join PRSA-NCC? I joined PRSA-NCC because I was excited about the networking and professional development opportunities it offered, and I love meeting new people. News Generation is also a sponsor of the Chapter, so it is nice to get to experience that side of it as well.

What was your first job in the profession? While it’s not my first job out of grad school, News Generation is my first position truly in public relations. We are an issue-driven media relations agency, specializing in using broadcast media to earn coverage for associations, non-profits, government agencies and clients of PR firms. I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to be involved with both the media relations outreach work we do with our clients, as well as our marketing initiatives.

Tell us about your range of experience and/or your greatest skills: I am a bit of an editing and grammar nut – simply in that I love it. I think one of the most important skills to have is attention to detail. I also really enjoy the technical and creative aspects of production – shooting video, producing and editing.

Who would you consider to be your mentor, and why? My biggest mentors are my parents. They’ve taught me more than I’ll ever even realize. My professional mentor is Susan Apgood, who is a 2015 PRSA-NCC Vice President. I couldn’t ask for a better boss to learn from.

Offer any advice you have for today’s PR practitioner. The advice I have is for any fellow young professionals.  Let’s not let the stereotypes surrounding our age and our generation dictate the way in which we work. We do not have to be pigeonholed into the mold that millennials are selfish workers. We’re smart, hardworking, resourceful and team-oriented. Let’s show everyone that!

When you’re not working, what do you like to do in your spare time? I love exploring the area surrounding D.C. and taking day trips on the weekends. I also love to bowl; I’ve been on leagues since I was a kid. I also enjoy having weekly dinners with my friends and trying new restaurants.

Share anything else you would like fellow chapter members to know. Definitely think about getting involved in some way in PRSA-NCC. There are so many great committees to join. It’s hard to sometimes take that step and commit the time, but it’s worth it!