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Leah McConnell

Assistant Director of Marketing and Communications
Sigma Sigma Sigma
Leah McConnell

Years as a Member of PRSA-NCC: 2
Twitter ID: missleahmcc
LinkedIn ID: linkedin.com/in/leahmcconnell

Why did you join PRSA-NCC? I joined PRSA-NCC because I used to be part of Philadelphia’s PRSA chapter and since moving to the DC metro area I wanted to stay involved in PRSA. Being involved at the local level is such a great way to network and meet DC area PR professionals. I also joined for the professional development aspect, but I really love meeting new people and connecting with others so it was just a no-brainer for me to join the chapter.

How long have you been in the PR field? I’ve been in the PR field for about five years now. 

What was your first job in the profession? My first job was working for a small government contractor in the DC area. 

Tell us about your range of experience and/or your greatest skills. Well I’ve handled a lot of different aspects within the field, everything from speech writing to crisis communications, to digital media. I definitely have a passion for the digital world and 21st century communications. The future excites me as we are constantly learning of new ways to communicate to audiences. My greatest skills would have to be integrated marketing communications. I’m an analytical junkie. I love to see the stats on what I put on the web and how its impacted brands I work with and the communities they reach. 

Who would you consider to be your mentor, and why? One of my earliest mentors is Pam Browner White, VP of Corporate Public Affairs at Cancer Treatment Centers of America. I met Pam with I was in high school and once I graduated and decided to pursue a Masters in PR, Pam (who was then VP of Public Affairs and Government Relations for the Philadelphia Eagles) would invite me to her office to meet during lunch and discuss my career path. She was also inviting me to things to grow my network and I’m very lucky to have her in my life.

Offer any advice you have for maintaining work/life balance. Anyone who knows me would say that having a healthy work/life balance is very important to me. My advice to those who haven’t quite mastered a great work/life balance would be to make this a priority. When you actually plan to take a break or spend time with your friends or family, you’re more inclined to actually do so. Schedule dinner with family or friends after work so you don’t stick around late in the office doing work that can be done the next day. Making leaving the office at night, just as big as a priority as getting to the office every morning. 

Offer any advice you have for today’s PR practitioner. Join PRSA! Whether it’s the PRSA-NCC chapter or another local chapter, being part of PRSA does wonders for your career. With PRSA, you can stay up-to-date on industry trends and meet tons of people who can help you at any point in your career path.   

When you’re not working, what do you like to do in your spare time? When I’m not working, I love to travel. Exploring new cultures and countries is such a passion of mine and since we PR professionals work hard, I’m always ready to hop on a plane to take a vacation! 

Share anything else you would like fellow chapter members to know. If you’re looking to get more out of your membership, try getting involved in a committee. As chair of the Membership committee, I can honestly say that I’ve found it so rewarding to help new members get involved in areas that can truly showcase their talents.