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Rasheeda Mitchell

Program Coordinator, Strategic Partnerships & Technology Support
National League of Cities

Years as a Member of PRSA-NCC: 1 year
Twitter ID: @LRasheeda
LinkedIn ID: https://www.linkedin.com/profile/public-profile-settings?trk=prof-edit-e...

Why did you join PRSA-NCC? To network and have access to the best tools in PR. I attended PRSA-NCC meetings as a PRSSA student while attending George Mason University and was encouraged to be the University Relations Co-Chair.

How long have you been in the PR field? 1 year

What was your first job in the profession? The National League of Cities (NLC) is my first job right out of college. Before my first job, I had an internship in corporate communications working for Sultana Ali at Liquidity Services that inspired me to continue in the field of PR. I also met David Maloney at the PRSA-NCC Leadership Rally last year who recommended me for my position at NLC.

Tell us about your range of experience and/or your greatest skills. As an entry level professional, it is important to listen and have a good attitude in every task. Developing a good work ethic and completing tasks in a timely manner is what I am mastering right now. My greatest skill is accepting every challenge and turning it into a positive learning experience.

What’s your greatest career achievement? Since I’ve only been in the work force about one year, I would have to say getting promoted after 6 months and receiving the PRSA-NCC Young Professional Award has been my greatest career achievement thus far. 

What are your current career/professional goals? Recently, I have accepted a position to work with the USO and travel to southwest Asia and run programs to boost the moral of our troops for a year. I plan on being more detail oriented and create timelines for me to have a successful year. Proper planning and preparation is the key to success. 

How would you describe your professional philosophy? Work with excellence in mind every day. If you don’t work hard there is always someone behind you willing to work harder and take your place. So work harder than the other person!

What’s your dream job? My dream job is to own my own business maybe in the health and fitness industry. 

Who would you consider to be your mentor, and why? I have many mentors in PRSA-NCC but Sergei Samoilenko was a former professor of mine at GMU and encouraged me to join PRSA-NCC. He gives excellent career advice and always encourages me to stay involved with the chapter.

Offer any advice you have for maintaining work/life balance. On the weekends, relax and try not to take work home too often. I choose to start my days earlier instead of taking work home.

Offer any advice you have for today’s PR practitioner. Be a good writer and listener. 

When you’re not working, what do you like to do in your spare time? Relaxing and watch a good movie with family and friends. 

Share anything else you would like fellow chapter members to know. I couldn’t be successful without PRSA-NCC and consider each member like a family member!