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Presenters at July 17 2013 Loudoun/Fairfax IGNITE Event

Kristina Bouweiri, CEO, Reston Limousine
Adventures Around the World – Arrested at 13 in South Africa; held at gunpoint in Mozambique; dodging tarantulas in Brazil – those overseas adventures taught Reston Limousine CEO Kristina Bouweiri adaptability and much, much more.  

Lucy Caldwell, PIO, Fairfax County Police Department
Welcome to My World: Police, Media and PR – Police see the best and the worst in society: tragic situations where people’s lives are absolutely shaken to the core, and heart-warming cases such as Biscuit, a dog that wandered the streets for two years until a hard-working Animal Control Officer saved him.

Doug Hensch, Principal, The DRH Group
5½ Secrets to Resilience – What’s the difference between people who fail and those who succeed? Forty years of research shows it’s not education, training, or experience. Resilience (the ability to bounce back and move forward) helps people cope with adversity and thrive with uncertainty and change.

Stephen Mackey, CEO, Notaviva Vineyards
Live Music – Spending 10 years on the road as a professional audio engineer, Stephen has experienced live music performances around the world. Recounting memorable tales of impassioned performers and electrified audiences, Stephen will illustrate live music's impact on our emotions.

Neil McNerney, Adjunct Faculty, Virginia Tech
The Parenting Paradox: Doing What Doesn’t Come Natural – Helping our kids can backfire. Most kids don't really want our help, but they need our leadership. When we focus on how we can be better leaders, we tend to help less and have better results.

Deborah Parker, Chief Inspirer, The DLP Training Group
The Greatest Generations – Raised by a determined single mother in a rural home with no indoor plumbing, through careers in the Army, corporate America, and now her own company, Parker builds on the lessons of resourcefulness learned from a wise and encouraging extended family.

Alyson Quinn, Senior Writer, Prison Fellowship Ministries
The Beauty of Brokenness – Shattered lives can be healed, as Alyson discovered through some of the many prisoners and ex-prisoners she’s met.

Melissa Sturgis, Director of Membership, National Religious Broadcasters
Rwanda's Revival – Last summer, Melissa Sturgis finally got a chance to take a swing at her sworn enemy: extreme poverty. Here’s what she learned while serving overseas.