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Join the PRSA-NCC Mentoring program: Become a Mentor or Protégé

MentoringAre you a young professional looking for guidance?

Are you a seasoned professional interested in advising next generation of public relations professionals?

PRSA-NCC matches young PR practitioners with seasoned professionals who provide guidance on job searches, professional development, ethics, and other interests. Since 2004, the mentoring program has matched more than 100 protégés and mentors. Participants find the program well worth their time.


If you have 10 or more years of experience in the profession and are interested in being matched you with a protégé, complete the Mentor Profile form.

Mentors typically offer guidance by phone or e-mail on protégés' questions regarding career development, dealing with difficult clients or bosses, or expectations for a new PR employee. Sharing your skills, experiences, and insights with newer PR practitioners is personally satisfying and doesn't require a lot of time on your part. By mentoring, you can also positively influence the PR profession.


If you have less than 10 years of experience or are majoring in public relations at a local college or university and are interested in being matched with a mentor, complete the Protégé Profile form.

Protégés are responsible for initiating the conversation and making good use of your mentor’s time. Please contact your mentor soon after you receive his or her contact information. Generally mentors and protégés communicate via phone and email. If you extend an invitation to get together for coffee or lunch, please pick up the tab. 

For questions about mentoring, contact:
Sultani Ali, APR