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PRSA-NCC Debuts New Professionals Committee

The National Capital Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA-NCC) is pleased to debut the New Professionals Committee. This group helps new communications professionals meet, interact and learn from one another through professional development workshops, networking happy hours and behind-the-scenes seminars.

In line with the national New Professionals Section, PRSA-NCC’s newest committee hosts events catered to the new professional. A “new” professional is anyone with around seven or fewer years in the industry. This includes anyone from recent college graduates, to people who have been in the workforce for a few years, to those who have been in the workforce for 20 years, but are new in PR. At the same time, committee events are a place where new, mid and senior level professionals can converge to network and share ideas.

Co-chairs Katelynn Wiggins with the American Psychological Association and Kelsey Pospisil with News Generation are excited about working with fellow new pros to build events that are tailored to what people at this stage in their careers are most eager to experience.

“It’s a great opportunity to be able to work closely with my colleagues at other organizations who experience a lot of the same questions that I myself have,” Pospisil says. “It’s a neat opportunity to be able to make connections, and even friendships, that are beneficial to both our personal and professional growth.”

PRSA-NCC chapter president Mitch Marovitz adds, “The reason behind changing the focus of the old PRONet committee and reintroducing and re-branding it as the New Professionals Committee is to recognize the fact that the profession is experiencing growth not only from increased numbers of new college graduates entering the workforce but also from increased numbers of junior- and mid-careerists, and even senior careerists, entering the profession from other areas.”

Marovitz continues, “It is absolutely vital that we provide a platform for our members who are new to the practice to network with each other and with other PR professionals and to develop programs that meet the needs of people new to the profession across a range of work experiences. By networking, they will create relationships that will last them throughout their careers and by developing programs designed for them we will help them gain important skills, knowledge and abilities that will further and enrich their careers.”

Visit the committee page or contact the co-chairs, Kelsey and Katelynn, to learn more and get involved.

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